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This website is an ongoing project to create a comprehensive library of physics demonstrations, simulations, videos, and other useful resources available at the Harvard Science Center. Having evolved from "The Demonstrative Physicist's Companion," a handbook begun in 1990 by W. Rueckner and S. Steel, this website goes far beyond a compilation of all the demonstrations in our current repertoire.

Included in the table of contents at the left are twelve topic sections relating to particular areas of physics, chemistry, and math. Each topic section is further divided into sub-sections in which the demonstrations are listed. You may find browsing through these sections helpful to get ideas for your lecture, but even more helpful is the ability to search the catalog with key words so that you needn't rely on our categorization or cross-referencing schemes to find what fits your needs.

It is our intention to make this site as useful as possible. Any suggestions from you, the user, are greatly appreciated. If you found a demonstration listed for which you wished there was an "in-depth" description, let us know. You can contact us by the various methods listed above.

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Locked Brakes

The difference between static and kinetic friction can cause the car to skid when braking.

... Read more about Locked Brakes
Vacuum Cannon

If you're feeling pressure to do something fun, consider the vacuum cannon...


See slow-motion footage of the Vacuum Cannon in action (/gex5Fq5oUtc)

What it Shows

Air rushing into an evacuated...

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Faraday RotationA片在线观看免费.吃奶奶.被三个男人捏奶头着玩

Light, passing through heavy glass, has its direction of polarization rotated slightly if a magnetic field is applied to the glass.

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Radon's Progeny Decay

Observe the decay of airborne radionuclides with a Geiger counter and computer. (OK, it's not new since we've been doing the experiment for 20 years...we just neglected adding it to our list.)

... Read more about Radon's Progeny Decay

A片在线观看免费.吃奶奶.被三个男人捏奶头着玩 Cosmic Ray Spark Chamber

We have designed and built our own cosmic ray telescope (a.k.a. spark chamber). Unlike the old one, this one works reliably, is larger, and makes for a great demo.

... Read more about Cosmic Ray Spark Chamber